Solutions for Information Leak Prevention and Document Transformation

Organizations world-wide are now focusing on the risk of leakage of sensitive, proprietary or confidential information from outbound electronic communication.  Information being accidentally revealed in this way has cost the victims hundreds of millions of dollars in recent legal cases.

Businesses must also deal with an increasing burden of compliance legislation and e-discovery requirements, which require them to control and store their electronic communication, and be able to prove this control via an audit trail. They need an automatic mechanism that prevents the escape of damaging or embarrassing information, whether its customer data, intellectual property, financial details, or anything else.

3BView provides innovative solutions for the secure exchange of electronic communications and documents. In the Information Leak Prevention (ILP) market, 3BView has the most advanced technology and the easiest to use solutions.

Based on the 3BClassify platform, 3BView’s products use advanced natural language processing as well as more traditional mechanisms of detecting information leakage to monitor and control outbound electronic communications,  with policy-based rules to stop confidential or non-compliant documents being emailed outside a company and to remove metadata (such as tracked changes) inadvertently left in a document.

3BView’s technology sits alongside your email server, integrates with your other business systems, or is provided as a service running on servers hosted by 3BView. It requires no desktop customisation or software installation, while it’s easy to configure for your particular needs.

Document Transformation


What makes 3BView’s ILP solutions different?

  • The only solution to use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning – so delivers the best results of any ILP solution, intelligently blocking sensitive information in real-time while minimising the number of false positives to save time.
  • The most sophisticated and configurable solutions in dealing with outbound communications and documents – giving more control and flexibility to manage potentially suspect messages.
  • Server based solutions – so there’s no need to install and maintain software on thousands of desktops, dramatically reducing costs.
  • Automatic and intuitive products –improving results and minimising training so fee earners and profit centres aren’t impacted.
  • Platform-independent – for Windows, Apple Mac or Linux desktops.

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