Remove Metadata from Documents with 3BClean

3BClean prevents confidential information leaks by the removal of document metadata - the information stored behind the visible content of a document such as tracked changes, authors and time stamps. 3BClean scrubs the metadata from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) files, Open Document Format (ODF) files, as well as generating PDFs.

What would be the impact on your company if this metadata leaked? You cannot afford to take the chance. Compliance regulations are getting stricter across many industries, but it's straightforward to protect your company.

All companies need to ensure that the right content reaches the intended recipient without the threat of information leaks via word processing, email or other document technology.

Fitting seamlessly into your document lifecycle, 3BClean ensures that the document includes only the appropriate metadata. As the document is authored and reviewed, 3BClean monitors and scrubs unnecessary information. For the final document distribution 3BClean will remove all metadata and optionally generate a secured PDF.

3BClean's key benefits:

Automated metadata removal - Scalable metadata removal from a single user-submitted document, up to fully automated cleaning that is managed by a system administrator.

Automatic removal of metadata from email attachments - with no interaction from the user.

Full support for webmail - unlike desktop tools, 3BClean's server-based technology supports web access to email accounts.

Easy for users - with nothing installed on desktops, there's little or no training required, and no confusing popups when emails are sent.

Sophisticated rules-based removal of tracked changes - allowing rules-based control of leaving in some tracked changes, by author or date.

Flexibility - being a server based solution allows 3BClean to achieve document cleaning in three environments:

Cross platform support - again because it is server based, 3BClean works with Mac and Linux computers, as well as any version of Windows.


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