Business Systems

3BClean can be integrated into your business systems such as a document or content management system, and configured so that a document is cleaned automatically at time of import to or export from the system. Rules for document cleaning can be set to mirror the status that the document holds within the system.

A typical document workflow encorporating metadata scrubbing

  • Retrieve a previous version of a document from the store, or create a new document from a template.
  • Clean that document to remove any previous versions or private data.
  • Produce the first version of the document, enable versioning or tracking of changes and iteratively complete the document.
  • Optionally clean the document of some of the metadata through the authoring stage to aid collaboration; ensure that anyone who is not an author but needs to view the document get a secured PDF rather than the editable version of the document.
  • Once the document is complete, archive that document with all metadata for future reference. This may include PDF/a and ODF formats.
  • A cleaned version of the document can be distributed to third parties.

Cleaned secured PDF files on your website

As well as automating the generation of PDF files as they are published to your website via your content management system, 3BClean enables you to be assured that all documents that are available from your website have no hidden information as well as the appropriate security. Why is this important? Take a look at the some of the many examples of information leaked through unsecured PDF files



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3BClean Legacy

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3BOpenDoc allows for document conversion to and from OpenDocument format on the fly enabling StarOffice and users to seamlessly interoperate with Microsoft® Office® users. .More about document conversion to and from OpenDocument format.