Fully automated, transparent cleaning of documents with no desktop installation

3BClean was specifically developed to prevent confidential information leaks by the removal of document metadata - the information stored behind the visible content of a document that includes information such as author and time stamps.

3BClean goes beyond other document metadata removal tools by providing a scalable, server-based solution that enables the cleaning of metadata from a single document submitted directly by a user, to fully automated cleaning that is managed by a system administrator and which is transparent to the desktop user. .

3BClean offers the following features and benefits:

Transparent cleaning of email attachments through integration with email servers

  • Allowing a compliant, secure exchange of valuable business documents without the threat of information privacy violations

Easy to use

  • There is little to now training requirement for your users, because email attachments, or documents stored or processed via a business system, are automatically scrubbed of metadata with no need for users to hit any key apart from the normal Send button.

Integration with existing Content and Document Management Systems

  • Enabling rapid implementation, deployment and validation of systems

Easy to install and maintain

  • No desktop installation required along with easy server side installation and low maintenance means implementation and maintenance costs are minimal.

A robust server-based solution

  • Enabling information privacy and compliance in any medium, whether it is the desktop, email or CMS
  • Allowing central control to enforce internal compliance
  • Providing full support for webmail
  • Offering cross-platform support for Mac, Linux and Windows desktops






Try it Free! Clean your documents of metadata

Free online trial of our document metadata removal product. Visit our online document metadata cleaning site ... OR see just how easy the automatic email attachment scrubbing is: Free two week trial - Contact us for more details.

Learn More: Secure Document Exchange: Controlling Document Metadata

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3BClean Legacy

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