Technical Overview of 3BClean

3BClean is a server-based application. It has no dependence on any Microsoft technology thus making it reliable and scalable.

Documents for cleaning may be uploaded to the system directly through an HTML page, or automatically cleaned when attached to an email through the integration with email servers, or cleaned on import or export to a content management system.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

3BClean is simple to install and has a very low administration overhead. Being server based there is nothing to install on individual users desktops.

Platform Support

3BClean is server based and is supported on Windows and Linux servers. It requires 512MB of RAM and any modern AMD or Intel processor. 3BClean documents can be sent via Windows, Linux and Macintosh desktops. The 3BClean Legacy utility is also supported on Windows, Unix and Macintosh desktops.

Automatic cleaning of documents as they are emailed

3BClean sits on the SMTP pipe and works with all SMTP email servers. It requires no integration with email clients so will work with webmail clients as well as any desktop email client.


Metadata removal by email

Flexibility to reflect the many combinations of the way a document is scrubbed

This may be by the recipient of an emailed document or the status of a document in a document management system. 3BClean's flexible configuration allows these to be set up with ease.

Support for all Microsoft Office formats

3BClean supports all Microsoft Office formats up to and including binary formats of Microsoft Office 2007.







Try it Free! Clean your documents of metadata

Free online trial of our document metadata removal product. Visit our online document metadata cleaning site ... OR see just how easy the automatic email attachment scrubbing is: Free two week trial - Contact us for more details.

Learn More: Secure Document Exchange: Controlling document metadata

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3BClean Legacy

How are you tackling all of those Office documents you have generated in the past? More about how you can clean all your legacy documents.


3BOpenDoc allows for document conversion to and from OpenDocument format on the fly enabling StarOffice and users to seamlessly interoperate with Microsoft® Office® users. More about document conversion to and from OpenDocument format.