3BOpenDoc - Convert documents to and from ODF (OpenDocument Format)

3BOpenDoc is a scalable server based solution that caters for the automatic conversion of files to and from ODF format in a manner that is transparent to the user. This ensures that no interoperability issues arise between users of office applications that support ODF and those that use an office application with a proprietary format.

Email interception

Sitting alongside your organisation’s email server, 3BOpenDoc can be configured via a set of rules to intercept all email attachments and convert them to or from ODF prior to forwarding them on to the destination. The rules can be set up by user and/or group and can apply to emails going outside of your organisation and/or internally within your organisation.

Project Space

3BOpenDoc can be integrated into your document or content management system and configured so that a document is converted automatically at time of import to or export from the system. The format of the document can be configured to be dependent on the state of the document in the system and the user who is exporting the document.

Formats that can be converted to or from ODF by 3BOpenDoc

Formats that 3BOpenDoc can convert files to and from include the following:

  • ODF
  • Microsoft Office (doc, xls, ppt)
  • SWX
  • PDF
  • Secure PDF
  • RTF
  • Text
  • HTML
  • PNG and JPEG


Product Features include:

Edit in ODF send as Microsoft Office file

  • No need to remember to use the correct Save As/Export/Filter function, 3BOpenDoc converts the file that you attached to the email automatically to the equivalent Microsoft office format for you.

Edit in ODF send as PDF file

  • One of the many formats 3BOpenDoc supports conversion to is PDF.

Send different formats depending on the recipient

  • You might want to send ODF files to your colleagues and Microsoft Office format files to external organisations. 3BOpenDoc’s rules engine allows you to set this up so the change in format happens automatically depending on who you are sending the file to.

Transparent to users

  • Users are not required to do anything different, just attach the file as normal to the email. 3BOpenDoc will convert the attachment automatically.

Convert format when checking a document into a DMS or publishing to the web

  • 3BOpenDoc can be integrated into virtually any document or content management system.

No client based software

  • 3BOpenDoc is a server based product sitting alongside your email server and requires no software to be installed on users PCs.

Minimal training requirements

  • Only installation and configuration training for administrators is required.

Want to find out more?

White paper : OpenDocument Format - Documents for now and the future

In this paper 3BView looks at ODF and its advantages, its use as a format for archiving, who is using it already and the applications already available that support it. It also looks at the issues of interoperability with users of office applications that do not support ODF.

To download this white paper, please click here


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Learn More: OpenDocument Format - Documents for now and the future

To download this white paper, please click here

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