Features and Benefits of 3BOpenDoc

3BOpenDoc is a scalable server-based transformation and document security engine. 3BOpenDoc fits seamlessly into your StarOffice or OpenOffice.org environment offering the ultimate flexibility of choosing the storage or exchange formats you wish to use for your documents.

Features and benefits include:

Seamless integration with any SMTP email server/CMS

  • enabling interoperability and collaboration between StarOffice.org or OpenOffice.org and Microsoft® Office® users.

Rapid server-based document format transformation

  • enabling a low maintenance solution for the ultimate environment flexibility
  • providing the most advanced rendering available for enterprises utilising StarOffice or OpenOffice.org

PDF security and watermarking option

  • ensuring compliance and control in your document environment


3BOpenDoc Migrate

Migrate all of our documents to OpenDocument format. More about our migration service.


3BClean prevents confidential information leaking out of organisations through the removal of metadata, the information stored behind the visible content of a document. More about our metadata cleaning product.