Many industries are endeavoring to keep up with securing their ever-increasing electronic communications. The biggest challenges they face are:

  • Protecting confidential and classified information.
  • Complying with regulations such as Sarbannes Oxley and Data Privacy directives
  • Protecting third-part information such as names, social security numbers etc.

This information is scattered throughout an organisation's IT system in a wide variety of forms: emails, documents, databases, document and content management systems. Each form and location of information has its own security implications making control of that information very hard.

Out-bound Content

One well-defined place where the information can be monitored is as it leaves the organisation. Ideally all communications would be monitored by a suitably qualified person to ensure compliance with the regulations. However, given the volume of material, such an approach is completely impracticable. Instead, at present, all communications must be archived and a subset is examined to find problems.

The pains of examining archived communications:

Damage is already done…The organisation can never be sure that confidential information hasn't slipped through the firewall. All that the sampling can hope to achieve is to ensure that the procedures and training are satisfactory. Even if a problem is identified the damage is already done.

Monitoring is against privacy laws…Some countries have strict privacy laws, and it is hard to reconcile monitoring with such legislation.

Invisible document content… Some data is not readily visible. Metadata, such as tracked changes and document properties can be hidden behind the visible document content, and is thus very susceptible to accidental leakage.

3BSafe – Controlling Content Communication

Based on proven technology, natural language processing, machine learning and customer requirements, 3BSafe enables organizations to not only automate the security of inbound and outbound email content and documents on a corporate level, but also to enable users to set preferences that complement their working processes.

3BSafe checks the content of a message against a set of corporate policies that may cover information security laws and compliance. If the content of an email violates one or more of the policies, either the author or an administrator is alerted.

Author alerts

For author alerts, an explanation of what is wrong is included so that it can be altered. This has a number of benefits:

Authors comply with communications rules… It ensures that compliant email communication is sent with minimal delay, and that the author learns about complying with communications rules.

No backlog in administration…Sending the alert back to the author also prevents a backlog in email administration, which allows the violation to be fixed promptly so important communications can reach their destination quickly.

Reduction in privacy issues…For the vast majority of messages only the originator and the ultimate recipient will see the message, reducing privacy issues.

Organisations may require some or all alerts to be reviewed by an email compliance administrator. 3BSafe can be configured to reflect the individual organisation requirements from all alerts being sent to the email compliance administrator, all alerts being sent back to the author or minor violations sent to the author of the email and the rest to the email compliance administrator.

By monitoring all emails 3BSafe makes it much less likely that non-compliant messages will reach your customers. In addition, 3BSafe contains a module for removing hidden 'metadata' from documents attached to emails, further reducing the chance of information leakage.

3BSafe helps ensure that only the information intended for the receiver is delivered and that all corporate governance for email communication is held to the highest possible standard


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