Secure and watermark PDFs with 3BSecurePDF

PDF offers much better security than distributing Word documents. In addition, the appearance of the document is much more stable - Word documents are often affected by printer settings or the version of Word.

Create PDFs from multiple formats

With 3BSecurePDF multiple formats can be converted to PDF, including MS-Office, OpenDocument Format, RTF and many others.

Remove metadata

PDF files can be produced with or without security-sensitive metadata. 3BSecurePDF provides the option to clean the document before conversion; the options used to clean the document are controlled by the built-in business rules engine.

Secure PDF

3BSecurePDF sets the passwords and restrictions on the use of the PDF files created. For example, you might want to stop your customers printing a document, or only allow them to print it in low resolution.

The decision module built into 3BSecurePDF makes it easy to build a system to enhance security on your system; you might allow anyone to view a brochure but not to print it; registered users might be able to print in low-resolution, and paid-up users might be able to print in high-resolution.

Watermark PDF

To further enhance PDF security watermarks can be added to the PDF files created. These are taken from a page of a PDF document so are very easy to customise to suit your requirements.


3BSecurePDF can be run on Windows, Unix and Macintosh.


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