Features and Benefits of 3BTransform

3BTransform Engine
3BTransform allows you to efficiently, safely and reliably convert documents. Examples of its use might be between formats in a document management system, or to customise documents sent to users of a website. In addition, if you can record a macro to transform your document we can easily integrate that macro into 3BTransform, to perform that transformation on thousands of documents per day.

Decision Module

Decision Module
3BTransform can decide how to process a document by following your business rules. The rule sets are easy to configure, yet are very flexible. The decision module integrates with your business databases so that your documents become fully integrated into your business processes.


Search and Replace Module
A search-and-replace module is available that allows you to replace text in a document during processing. You could use this to add custom information to a MS-Word document before sending it to a customer.

PDF Security

PDF Security Module
In addition to the capability of transforming a file to PDF format, 3BTransform can set the PDF security allowing you to set passwords and restrictions on the use of your PDF files. For example, you might want to stop your customers printing a document, or only allow them to print it in low resolution. You can also apply any watermark to a document.

Combine this with the decision module and it is easy to build a system to enhance security on your system; you might allow anyone to view a brochure but not to print it; registered users might be able to print in low-resolution, and paid-up users might be able to print in high-resolution.



3BClean prevents confidential information leaking out of organisations through the removal of metadata, the information stored behind the visible content of a document. More about our metadata cleaning product


3BOpenDoc allows for document conversion to and from OpenDocument format on the fly enabling StarOffice and OpenOffice.org users to seamlessly interoperate with Microsoft® Office® users. More about document conversion to and from OpenDocument format.


3BSecurePDF allows for creation of secure, watermarked PDF files. More about creation of secure PDF documents.