About Us

3BView provides content and document control solutions backed by numerous years of experience in software development and customer care. Our enterprise solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies to enable the implementation of document security systems with an unprecedented degree of intelligence.

3BView was founded in 2004. 3BView's mission is to protect businesses from crisis situations due to security-sensitive information leaks by applying technology and best practice to content and document exchange.

3BView applications are designed for both government and business, including industries such as Legal, Financial Services, Utilities and Healthcare. 3BView's products are sold directly and through partners and resellers.

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3BView is a limited company registered in England and Wales, Company Number 5182699.

VAT Registered: 884 526 292.

Registered Office: The Cottages, Regent Road, Altricham, Cheshire, WA14 1RX.



3BClean prevents confidential information leaking out of organisations through the removal of metadata, the information stored behind the visible content of a document. More about our metadata cleaning product.


3BOpenDoc allows for document conversion to and from OpenDocument format on the fly enabling StarOffice and OpenOffice.org users to seamlessly interoperate with Microsoft® Office® users. More about document conversion to and from OpenDocument format.


3BSecurePDF allows for creation of secure, watermarked PDF files. More about creation of secure PDF documents.