Local and Central Government

Government departments, be they local or central, are expanding their web based services in line with government directives. This means an ever increasing number of documents that are required to be ‘published’ to the web. This sometimes onerous task is costly from both a time and effort point of view as well as tying up IT resources.

For example, in the UK, government web development teams have committed most of their typical working day over the last two years, writing and uploading documents to achieve the all important e-Government targets set by John Prescott.

3BView’s solutions reduce the time and effort required to do this and eradicate the element of human error by automating the conversion and publishing process.

Risks from metadata and unsecured PDFs

The majority of the most public stories of leakage of information from document metadata or unsecured PDFs have been high profile government cases. Examples being the "Dodgy Dossiers" revealing that the UK government weren't the original authors of the Dossiers; Track changes revealing the UK governments altered position on immigration and terrorism; the Pentagon inadvertantly letting slip details on a sensitive international incident through an unsecured PDF.

3BView helps Local and Central government departments avoid this issue by providing solutions that mean that all electronic documents that are sent or published externally are automatically cleaned of metadata, or converted to secure PDF, in a manner that is totally transparent to the users.

OpenDocument Format

Government departments worldwide are at the forefront of the adoption of the OpenDocument Format as open formats, like OpenDocument, guarantees long-term access to data without legal or technical barriers.

3BView helps local and central government departments in their adoption and use of the OpenDocument format.










3BClean prevents confidential information leaking out of organisations through the removal of metadata, the information stored behind the visible content of a document. More about our metadata cleaning product.


3BOpenDoc allows for document conversion to and from OpenDocument format on the fly enabling StarOffice and OpenOffice.org users to seamlessly interoperate with Microsoft® Office® users. More about document conversion to and from OpenDocument format.


3BTransform automates the conversion of PDF documents for publishing to your website. More about automatic generation of PDF documents..

Transform documents online

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