Is your law firm’s confidential and sensitive information being inadvertently leaked?

In 2006, lawyers for AT&T accidentally released sensitive information while defending a high priority lawsuit accusing the company of facilitating a government wiretapping program. Before that, law suits related to Merck’s now withdrawn drug, Vioxx, have cost it millions of dollars – again, due to accidentally released information.

The sensitive or confidential information that made these stories headline news was exposed through hidden data (‘metadata’) -- stored behind the visible content of electronic documents and overlooked when the documents were emailed.

Metadata is all round us, in email attachments, ‘tracked changes’ in MS Word, documents posted on websites, and pleading forms copied and pasted.

Don’t leave your law firm open to this kind of risk.

By automatically removing metadata, 3BView’s Information Leak Prevention (ILP) solutions help ensure that your firm is not leaking confidential or sensitive information. The metadata scrubbing and removal tools can also help facilitate e-discovery compliance. 3BView’s tools for data loss prevention are sophisticated, powerful and easy to configure and use, with minimal training required.

  • Server Based Metadata Removal

3BView’s 3BClean product helps law firms ensure that document metadata is automatically removed at the server level, in a manner that is transparent to employees. 3BView's solution can be used to clean documents as they are emailed, or as they come out of a firm's document management system.

  • Legacy Cleaning and Archiving

As well as using 3BClean for ongoing protection, law firms can now eliminate the worry of old documents containing metadata by implementing a one-off cleaning of all legacy documents

Send Documents as Secure PDFs

3BClean helps law firms not only ensure that no sensitive metadata is emailed out, but can also convert the document into a secure PDF

Store files for E-Discovery

3BView’s 3BOpenDoc is a server based product that automates the conversion to and from ODF (Open Document Format) and PDF/A, the formats that will be accessible for years to come.

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3BClean prevents confidential information leaking out of organisations through the removal of metadata, the information stored behind the visible content of a document. More about our metadata cleaning product...


3BSecurePDF allows for creation of secure, watermarked PDF files. More about creation of secure PDF documents..

Transform documents online

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