extendedPDF version 1.4

- August 10th 2006 - extendedPDF 1.4 is available to download


Version 1.4 of extendedPDF is based on a complete package submitted by James Holgate.


  • Can't rename extendedPDF.tmp as extendedPDF.ini
    • Symptom: "Error 58 occurred: File Already exists (at line 850)" OOo 2.0.3 only
  • extendedPDF 1.3 - Text not always visible in colour chooser

New Features:

  • Create PDF Bookmarks with OOo Impress
  • Security tab changes colour when security is enabled
  • Very high quality PDF setting - pictures are not compressed.

Other changes:

  • Security code merged into main package (epdfs package)
  •  "Analysing document" status bar bug in OOo 2
  • Internationalisation (I18N)


extendedPDF is free to download! To obtain extendedPDF 1.4 see the download page.




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