Maximise the value of your documents with extendedPDF

Create PDF with hyperlinks, bookmarks and more

You can make your documents much easier to read by making use of PDF's navigation features.

PDF Bookmarks provide a tree structure allowing you to jump to any part of the document with ease. extendedPDF allows you to create these PDF bookmarks directly from your existing document styles, with total flexibility. No extra work for you and a much better experience for your readers!

extendedPDF also converts hyperlinks to PDF hyperlinks, so that links work the same in your document and your PDF document.

Allow reviewers to read and add to the notes that you made on the original! extendedPDF can convert Notes to PDF Note Annotations. These can be read in both Acrobat Reader and Acrobat, and can be edited in Acrobat.

All editions of extendedPDF are free to download! To obtain extendedPDF see the download page.

If you want more information about extendedPDF and the features of each Edition then please read the extendedPDF User Guide.

Users Feedback

"By providing a GUI for detailed PDF generation, ExtendedPDF fills a gap not only in but in Linux desktop productivity. In my book, that makes it the one absolutely essential pick..." Bruce Byfield, review in the Linux Journal

"Thanks again for a terrific product, good manuals and great support." Peter Milne

I discovered your Extended PDF macro last week, and I must say that it is perhaps the most useful extension to OOo I have ever seen. In the past, if I wanted to create a pdf with hyperlinked bookmarks, I only had proprietary software (expensive!) or TeX (sometimes time consuming) to choose from. Your macro brings ease of use to quality pdf creation.
Michael Levy

Hats off to you, for the creation of extendedPDF. Absolutely a perfect add-on to OO.o. Exactly what I have been in need of for quite some time.
Chip Cuccio, Northfield Linux Users' Group VP and SysAdmin

extendedPDF is discussed in the O'Reilly book PDF Hacks.


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