3BView releases 3BOpenDoc 2.1

St Helens, UK and Royersford, PA – 21st  September 2006 – 3BView Ltd, a software development company specialising in secure document exchange technologies, today announced the latest release of their product 3BOpenDoc - version 2.1.

3BOpenDoc is specifically designed to allow users of ODF based office suites such as StarOffice and OpenOffice.org to collaborate and exchange documents with Microsoft Office users.

3BOpenDoc automates the conversion of documents between formats in a way that is totally transparent to users. With 3BOpenDoc there is no requirement for desktop installations or user training.

Sitting alongside your email server 3BOpenDoc automatically converts documents that are sent via email either internally or externally to the appropriate format for the recipient. The conversion format is determined by company wide rules that maybe set at differing levels: recipient’s company, individual recipient, default for sender and company wide default.

3BOpenDoc version 2.1 builds on the proven architecture of previous versions to offer:

  • Significantly reduce the time administrating your email system with the LDAP integration – allowing you to directly map information held in  identity servers to the policy configuration so that no new accounts or passwords are required;
  • The integration between 3BOpenDoc and additional relational databases enhances the scalability of 3BOpenDoc as well as simplifying the management of the system. 3BOpenDoc now provides support out of the box for MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases. Other databases can be supported on request.

About 3BView Ltd
Based in St Helens, UK and Royersford, PA, USA, 3BView Ltd is a software development company specialising in secure document exchange.
3BView’s products are sold directly and through a channel of systems houses, resellers and software developers. Visit www.3bview.com or ring UK: +44 (0)1744 735224 or US: +1 610 948 0465.

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