3BView announces document security applications now help Macintosh users avoid sensitive information leaks

St Helens, UK and Royersford, PA – September 19, 2006 – 3BView, (www.3BView.com), a software development company specializing in content compliance and security, today announced that 3BClean, an application designed to control compliance and security of corporate documents, is now compatible with the Macintosh (MAC) platform.   3BClean enables both Windows and MAC users to ensure all legacy and current documents are free of hidden data. 3BClean also enables sever-based transformation of documents to a secure Portable Document File (PDF) format. 

Metadata or “hidden data” can leave an organization vulnerable at all levels.  Many organizations have taken control of “outsiders” access to networks with sophisticated firewalls.  However, one of the biggest threats that organizations are facing today is that of its own internal employees unknowingly leaking sensitive or confidential information to outside sources via documents.  With the availability of 3BClean for the MAC platform, 3BView now develops and markets the most comprehensive suite of server-based document and content compliance and security tools on the market.

“Document cleaning and compliance is a problem for the very small to major global organizations.  Sensitive information leaks can cause anything from minor embarrassment or a major national security risk,” says Cathy Brode, CEO at 3BView.  “We are delighted that 3BClean is the first suite of server-based applications to offer metadata cleaning and PDF rendering for the MAC platform.” 

Pricing and Availablity
3BClean is available and shipping now for both Windows and MAC users.  Depending on the needs of an organization, different pricing models are available to accommodate specific business needs.  3BView offers in-house enterprise deployments and also offers a hosted environment with different pricing levels based on frequency of use.  For more information please email .

About 3BView
3BView is a software development company specializing in content and document control solutions. Our enterprise solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies to enable the implementation of document security systems with an unprecedented degree of intelligence.

3BView was founded in 2004. Founders Cathy Brode and Martin Brown are two business and technology visionaries with a long history in the document control industry. Their mission for 3BView is to protect organisations from crisis situations due to security-sensitive information leaks by applying technology and best practice to content and document exchange.
3BView applications are designed for both government and business, including industries such as Legal, Financial Services, Utilities and Healthcare. 3BView's products are sold directly and through partners and resellers.
For more information please visit: www.3BView.com

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